Capturing Family Moments: With Three Boys Under 8

Photographing family photos with young children can be an exciting and heartwarming experience, especially in the scenic beauty of Prescott Park in Portsmouth, NH. Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing a family with three lively boys under the age of eight, and it was an unforgettable adventure. From climbing trees to playing hide and seek, we created beautiful, candid memories that reflect the family's love and joy. Here's a glimpse into our session and how my background as an early childhood educator enhances my skills as a family photographer.

Embracing the Beauty of Prescott Park

Prescott Park is a photographer's paradise, offering a diverse range of backdrops from vibrant flower gardens to the serene waterfront. The park’s expansive lawns and charming pathways provided the perfect setting for our session, allowing the boys to explore and play freely.

Climbing Trees: Capturing Adventure

One of the first activities we did was let the kids climb trees. This was not only fun for them but also provided a great opportunity for action shots. Tree climbing showcases the boys’ adventurous spirits and creates natural, candid moments. As they climbed and laughed, I was able to capture their pure joy and excitement, resulting in photos full of life and energy.

Playing Hide and Seek: Capturing Candid Moments

Next, we played a game of hide and seek. Prescott Park’s varied landscape, with its large trees and quaint garden corners, was perfect for this. The youngest’ giggles and expressions as he hid was priceless. These candid shots truly captured the essence of their playful personalities and the bond they share as siblings.

Engaging the Entire Family

While the boys were the focus, it was essential to include the parents in the fun. I captured moments of the parents playing with their children, lifting them up, tickling them and joining in the games. These interactions resulted in heartfelt photos that reflect the family's love and connection against the park’s beautiful backdrop.


My experience as an early childhood educator has significantly enhanced my skills as a photographer of young children. Here’s how this background benefits my photography:

Patience and Understanding: Working with preschoolers has taught me patience and the importance of understanding a child's needs and moods. This translates into a calm and adaptable approach during photo sessions, ensuring that the children feel comfortable and happy.

Creating a Comfortable Environment: Knowing how to create a welcoming and safe environment helps children relax and be themselves. This is crucial for capturing genuine expressions and interactions.

Engaging Through Play: My ability to engage children through play allows me to direct the session smoothly. Activities like tree climbing and hide and seek keep the children entertained and result in natural, candid photos.


1. Choose the Right Time: Early morning or late afternoon provides the best lighting and helps avoid the harsh midday sun.


2. Dress Comfortably: Ensure the children are dressed comfortably to allow free movement. Coordinating colors can enhance the visual harmony of the photos.

3. Be Flexible: Children can be unpredictable, so it's essential to go with the flow and adapt as needed.

4. Capture Spontaneous Moments: Be ready to capture candid shots. These often turn out to be the most cherished memories.


Photographing family photos with three boys under ten at Prescott Park was a joyful and rewarding experience. By embracing their natural playfulness and allowing them to be themselves, we created beautiful, authentic memories. My background as an early childhood educator enhances my ability to connect with and photograph young children, resulting in photos that truly reflect their unique personalities and the love within the family.

If you’re looking to capture your family’s special moments, consider a session at Prescott Park. Let the adventure begin, and watch as your family’s genuine connections and joyful interactions are beautifully preserved in photos.